Our Roots, Our Purpose

When we think about the feeling of home the first thing that comes to mind is all the flavors we’ve grown up with. Sharing culture is an instant way to feel connected. We celebrate bringing people together over unique, well-crafted cocktails with fresh ingredients. Vervet is a diverse company that makes diverse drinks for diverse people in a diverse country.

We started with a passion to not only represent LA’s diversity but to honor it. We wanted to transform the way we experience different cultures. Our recipes employ the flavors of the immigrants that make California food so remarkable. Imagine a negroni that uses Saigon cinnamon and Korean burdock, with endless flavors and stories to experience. Los Angeles and California inspire everything we do and create, a bazaar of the world’s best flavors. We see our California Sparkling Cocktails as an ever-evolving way to explore and share culture.

Before launching in 2019, we did a deep dive into LA’s food scene from the popular to the unknown, we found what spoke to us and made it our own. Our love for drinks is about community and storytelling more than anything else. We want to give you a canned cocktail that is delicious and honors the culture and tradition it comes from. Our label includes “cheers” in 14 languages, our vision of LA. We are looking to a future where multicultural approaches and practices become the new standard, and Vervet is the definition of an all-American brand.

Our flavors are intentional, here to inspire and offer something that expands your notion of home. Our team explored far and wide the vast flavors of the LA food scene from urban foraging, farmer's markets, and immigrant grocery stores. The result? A collection of select beverages that won’t taste like any other canned cocktail out there, we promise. Why? Because we poured our histories, our cultures, and our flavors into each of them. California Sparkling Cocktails: crafted with pride and served with care.

Vervet is a testament to our love for LA. The inspiration for our processes and recipes all aim to elevate and share diverse multiculturalism. Whatever culture we represent, our mission is to uplift and celebrate where these flavors and experiences come from. When we know and share our heritage, we create space for meaningful connection. You won’t find our flavors anywhere else, because we develop them in-house, with a deep love for where we come from and where we're going. We see Vervet as a conduit of discovery and we are excited to create visibility for all the corners of LA.

Sustainable practices are a key element of the way we do things. We are intentional with how we produce our products and source our ingredients. Every ingredient that goes into a Vervet can is grown and sourced locally. We are proud to have relationships with local farmers that share our love of culture, diversity, and flavor. We currently receive beautiful produce from Tarsadia, Sow a Heart, and Perricone Farms. Our spirits are also all produced locally in Ventura, CA, and you can enjoy our cocktails knowing there are zero preservatives and zero chemicals, only plant-based goodness.

As a woman-owned, APPI-owned business, we are proud to continue to showcase a new perspective. This is at the core of what we do and why we do it. We believe that taking something as universal as enjoying a drink can do more than bring us together, but it can bring us forward. Where forward leads is ultimately up to all of us, which is what excites us about Vervet, it is about community. When we remember the impact of our choices and our ability to come together with awareness and intention, it creates a huge impact. We can create the vision we hold and the dream we believe in. At Vervet we believe in people. We believe in diversity, we believe in shared histories, we believe in advocacy, we believe in LA, and we believe in the quality of fresh flavors. We want to elevate communities, and we see our recipes and ingredients as a step to creating visibility, awareness, and joy in sharing all of our cultures.

Our story is just beginning, and we are honored to pave our way in LA to bring this dream to fruition. As the Ready-to-Drink cocktail market expands, we are proud to be at the forefront of what’s happening and what’s possible for California Sparkling cocktails. We are ready to share and show people something new and something they’ll love. In this way, when we connect and experience something outside of ourselves, our capacity for empathy expands. We believe in a world where diversity is more than an action plan, but rather the natural way we move.

No matter where you’re going or who you’re with, Vervet will offer a new and refreshing way to spend time together. This is the start of our mission, and we know that by making our combined heritages visible and known we are creating a ripple of change and possibility for not only our brand but for all of LA and all of our communities. To us, this is what keeps us going. We do it for our city. We love you LA.

Một, Hai, Ba, Vô.